Creative Ideas for Books

Since books and the  Christmas gift program  seem to be the items we have discussed this week I thought I would share what I found on one of my favorite blog sites MADE.

The title of the project is called” Once Upon A Thread ” hosted by No Big Dill .  Guest bloggers  are being asked to submit a sewing project based upon childrens’ books .

On reviewing the site, I came across another site with lots of patterns (free and to buy) which one could use in a book /craft project.

I am sure you all have a favorite book that you read as a child or one that you read to your kids or grandkids that could be combined with a craft project.  In the Reading Is Cool blog I mentioned ideas that can bring a book to life for a child. The item you make does not have to be sewn – paper crafts, knitted , crocheted projects etc would all work. Off the top of my head I came up with a few simple ideas that would make nice gifts accompanied by a book. They are:

1) A quilt with  characters from the  book and add a pocket to the quilt for that special book.  Many quilt stores have novelty prints that would complement a story.

2) An item of clothing such as a pair of pants/shirt made out of characters/objects in a book such as the car, truck, train book using car/ truck train material .

3) A stuffed animal(s) in the story  such as Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Corduroy, etc. or add a pocket to a pair of pants or dress and tuck in the animal

4) Hand puppets to act out the story.

5) A memory game with characters or items in the book to match up, or numbers, shapes, letters.

6) A piece of clothing that cold be appliqued, painted, stenciled, embroidered, dyed with a character in the book

7) Make a bag, fill it with art supplies and add a book on “How To Draw”

Get your creative wheels turning and design away.  Any book is fine but consider a Native American tale as a possibility.  Share your ideas as well as ideas you might come across on other blog sites.


2 thoughts on “Creative Ideas for Books

  1. I went to our local co-op bookstore (COAS). You can take books in, and they give you credit so you only have to pay tax when you find something else you want. I mentioned that I was looking for kids books to send to the reservation, and they said that they make donations and that I would just have to give them my name and they would gather some for me.! I was totally unaware of this. They called me yesterday and said that they have four boxes of books K-5 ready to go. (They had promised three, but added a box since I had to “wait” a week. ) Anyone with a thrift or co-op bookstore should investigate donations. I’m just thrilled and I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed when I pick them up ! diane

    • Great that you were able to get some free books Diane They will be appreciated . Now that I hear that the shelves in the Crazy school library are nearly empty and that an after school program to help kids with homework etc has a need for books, I know that your donation will certainly be a welcome sight


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