Odds and Ends

Since we are talking about books , I thought you might like to check out the Native American  book /movie list under the “About Pine Ridge ” tab and  learn some of the history and customs/traditions of Native Americans. We also are open to suggestions of books, movies etc to add to this list.

In an earlier blog we mentioned that we will be working together with some other groups making/buying Christmas gifts for the 300 plus children ( age 0-15 years) in the Wanblee area. We still do not have an accurate count of children in each age group but we should have that in the near future.  My guess is that the most need will be for ages 5-10 years  if last  year is any indication of whom might attend this year’s event. Since this is a large undertaking we need to work on the project throughout the year. If you would like to join our efforts we would welcome your help. Starting the week of April 1st, one of the weekly blogs will highlight a gift item to sew/craft/buy . Sew For Kids does not want to be the only group posting since it is a group project. We want to highlight items with photos that groups and individuals  joining our efforts have crafted or bought so please contact us here so we can make that happen. There also will be a shared list on our site so that we will all know what is coming in and what is still needed. Toys without batteries, games, books, activity bags, toiletry bags, craft items, clothing items, quilts etc are all welcome.  Check out our pattern page for gift ideas and photos . Party ideas or favors are welcome as well so share your ideas. Ask a group you belong to to help with the project. Get your kids involved . Join in the fun and make Christmas special for a child!

There is still an ongoing need for items  for the groups we currently are helping  listed under the  “Current Projects “section of the “Make a Difference” tab. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to date.  The groups we help have indicated that packages are arriving and are appreciated.



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