What’s in the Spring Wardrobe?

Well it’s still cold on the Rez and will be until about the beginning of May so warm clothes are still needed- maybe not as heavy as the clothes for winter but still need something warm for those cool days and evenings in early spring. I’ve been busy trying to put together some outfits for the kids to wear  as we head into the spring weather and will highlight some of those that were made using ideas from  links found on our pattern page. With no training in pattern design I must rely on commercial patterns but do tweak them here and there and add embellishments that make them unique.  You can also make your  own patterns from ready-made garments, try the information found here.

I don’t sew everything as it would be too costly and time consuming.  If I can find pants, shorts or a top at a thrift store or clearance sale then I can make whatever is needed to complete the outfit.  Adult clothing in good condition can also be used to “refashion” a garment for a child. Look for dresses and shirts in large sizes at thrift stores, they yield a nice sized piece of fabric when disassembled and could easily make several dresses, tops or shorts for kids.  Of course you don’t have to make complete outfits.  If you only sew pants or shorts then make those, an outfit can be put together from other donations.

Remember simple, comfortable, washable and current styles when making clothing for kids.  This blog will highlight girl’s clothing ages 0-5 with boys and older kids being featured later.

Basic pants are easy to sew but make them special by adding some pockets (a place for all those treasures) or add trims, or a contrasting cuff to add style and length for the growing child.  Look for fabric in bright colors and novelty prints in cotton and lightweight knits for summer and fleece, denim and corduroy for fall and winter. Shirts/tops made from cotton knits or wovens work best for the rez.  Embellish them with trims, bows, fabric paint, or appliques.  Have fun, sewing for girls in this age group is a blast!

The  green and brown tops for these outfits were made from an over-sized man’s T-shirt and the pants were made of fabric from my stash.  The tops can also be used as a light jacket or layered with a T-shirt underneath.

This is the peasant dress (not my favorite fabric, just trying the pattern) and a pair of pants to be worn underneath, or not.

Corduroy outfit – reversible jacket lined with a contrasting color and a pair of pants to match.  Add a T-shirt or put buttons on the jacket and use it as the top.

Two pairs of pants made with a cotton/polyester blend fabric from the stash  and a thrift store top I got for 35 cents each.

The top of this dress was made from a cut off stained kid’s T-shirt and the bottom made from a large men’s T-shirt.  Can be worn over long pants, add a hoodie or sweater for cooler weather.

Some outfits from the thrift store for 35 cents an item.  

I am going to work on shorts and summer dresses for girls in this age group and will share in another blog. Share your images with us.


2 thoughts on “What’s in the Spring Wardrobe?

  1. A lot of great ideas here. I have been making girls underpants out of cotton knit given me. Thanks for the idea! thinking about making some pull on jammy pants out of some heavier knit. beulahmae

  2. I am sure most kids do not have PJS so something worth making.
    I am going to make some spring jackets out of fleece as think that will help them transition into the warmer months

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