Celebrating Boys

I am not sure if many of you are serious bloggers . I wasn’t until I started this project but have become a convert after viewing the wonderful things that are being created from people’s stashes of material, yarn or other crafting material. For those who do like to read blogs, take a look at the blog “made-by-rae “. “Celebrating Boys” is the theme during the month of February. Each day Rae invites a guest blogger to make an item for a boy. You will find many wonderful creations that you can easily sew, accompanied by tutorials demonstrating how to make the item, one reason I see no need for us to do that at this time.

One of our goals this year is to make or buy some gifts for the kids in Wanblee to stash under the community center Christmas tree in December. And yes Christmas seems so far away but as I look out my window today, the snow is falling, the temperatures are plummeting again! and it reminds me of what it looks like at Christmastime in my part of the woods. So is not hard to envision the season of giving.  And for those who prefer buying items rather than sewing them, you might still find some winter sales as the spring /summer merchandise hits the shelves.

And we alone will not be making the gifts . Check out our links to other groups who will help with this project. We hope to blog about them in the near future. And if you belong to a group and want to join our efforts let us know.

But I do have a comment. Hey Rae ! What about  a month dedicated to “Celebrating Girls” ? If not, then I am sure this talented group can come up with plenty of ideas to celebrate girls. Share those ideas with the group and inspire us all.

And please ,even if you do not want to join our group, let us know if you are making or willing to make items to help the children. Otherwise we will never know if we are making an impact.

Thank you from Sew For Kids.



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