My Saturday Shopping Spree

Saturday I headed off to Meijers grocery store for my weekly ritual  -grocery shopping which I detest because it takes valuable time that I would rather be spending on sewing, gardening, cycling, etc.  But because we have to eat and because eating out can get expensive I go. Yes my husband does the light shopping when we need milk or some eggs but I end up doing the big shopping.

I rushed through the store  and as I got to the last stop -eggs and frozen food , I noticed coats on the children’s racks across the aisle. I have to say I hate clothing shopping even more than grocery shopping .
However knowing that there are never enough coats on the Rez for the kids I looked through the racks and found 11 coats  for kids on sale at $5 per coat, originally priced from $19.99 to $24.99. It was a deal I could not pass up. I piled the coats on my cart of food but the sales person noticing my distress as coats kept falling off the cart retrieved another cart . I also found some lined pants for the kids for $3  and a few  kids size shirts for a dollar.
I could not make those items for what I paid for them. So with one cart in front and one behind I headed  to the cashier. Of course people always want to know why you are buying so many items so then I went off on my tirade about the needs of the kids on the Indian Reservations in this country and in particular the one on Pine Ridge SD. I paid and started for the door. I hate it when people stare but leaving with two carts in hand I got my share of them. I hate to be the center of attention more than I hate shopping !!

Now I have some new sewing projects. The coats need hats and mittens and the shirts need pants and the pants need shirts.  I looked through my material stack and found some that will work for the pants and shirts but am hoping other people can help make some hats, mittens and scarves to go with the jackets. I did not see any on sale to buy.  Either made of fleece or knitted /crocheted I think that with the coat these would be a wonderful gifts to give to a child who because he /she does not have the proper attire will not be able to participate in activities -such as playing outside and exercising with friends. Or if a child needs to go somewhere he will go but feel cold the entire time. We all know what that feels like -well at least I do as my husband believes in keeping the house on the cool side in the winter months and his solution to keeping warm is layering  and doing push ups! Glad my sewing room is in the furnace room.

So please join me in making some warm items to clothe the kids on the Rez. And if you find a bargain on a rack on your travels tell us about your finds  so we might be able to check out that resource. And maybe others can help make a complimentary item if need be.  With our team efforts we will help clothe the kids and they will have a chance to do the things kids love to do- explore, play etc



2 thoughts on “My Saturday Shopping Spree

  1. You made some good finds. Good time of year to look for bargains.Will you be sending the coat sets to Eleanor for the Christmas party? Have asked my niece if she will look for sale items when she goes shopping. Cutting out patches for the I Spy quilts. I found more conversation prints to use in them, like Mickey Mouse, seashells, horses, kitties, and the like. beulahmae

  2. Yes I did and will send on to Eleanor for the Christmas party unless a need arises before that time.
    I am excited about your quilt Beulah and hope you will tell us about it when its done -as a blog I would think.

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