Valentine Party a Success

Talked with Eleanor Charging Crow last night and she said the Valentine party was a big success. Eleanor, Marilyn (her daughter) and Ruth Brown did all the planning and work for the party. Thanks to them the community had a fun filled day, especially the children.  Preparations will soon be underway for the Pow Wow that will be held this summer.

Eleanor has received packages from several people and is working on thank you letters. It would be extremely helpful if you enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with future shipments to help defray the costs of postage and envelopes.  The Wanblee Community is really in need right now of all the items listed here if you are able to help.  Any donation no matter how small would mean a lot to those who have so many needs.

I also received a note from Marilyn Charging Crow who is the activity planner for the children.  This is what she wrote:

“Hi Carol,

The party went so well. All the children had a great time making Valentine’s cards and pasting hearts all over the Kennedy Hall. We had a dance contest and the little ones enjoyed that very much, we had a cake walk using hearts and passed out sippers and told the children to fill it with water and take it with them every where they go. We filled a glass container up with hearts and let them guess how many were in there. We made flower pens, we had a supper and danced some more. The police officers were there to help out. It was a nice day. I need to download the photos yet and I will send you through email. Take care and thank you so much!”

Thanks Marilyn for sharing the details of the party, sounds like the kids were kept busy and had loads of fun.  We love hearing from the Rez, it keeps us motivated when we hear how our gifts are being used to make life a little better for the kids.  Photos will be posted as soon as we receive them, can’t wait!

If you’re sending items to Eleanor please consider adding a couple of things for the kids activity closet such as paper, glue, crayons, etc.  I guarantee Marilyn and the kids will put them to good use.  Check the Current Needs for a complete list. As always thanks for all your help.



2 thoughts on “Valentine Party a Success

  1. Wow! I am so glad that it all is coming together! Sure wish I could have been to that sounded like so much fun. I will have to call Eleanor this next week and chat about it. I have a box of art and craft supplies..along with some shoes and other goodies to post to her. Thanks so much for the update once again!

  2. Thanks Dana. I know she will use the items. And I forgot in my last reply to Buelah that shoes also are an item that they never have enough of.
    So if people see shoes on the sale rack, I know someone will use them. We want kids to be able to participate in activities. And give us an update on any community activities when you talk to Eleanor.


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