About Wanblee

Well I’m so excited to be posting our second blog entry so soon and hope everyone has had a chance to look through and digest all the information on the site. One of our goals is to make the site user friendly so please let us know if anything seems confusing or if you have any suggestions as we’re all new to the blogging world. We’ve had two members sign up over the last couple of days and we’re hoping that is just the beginning.

It took a while to get the blog up and running but no regrets as we learned new skills in the process and are a little more computer literate. It was so much fun hunting for the free patterns and checking out some of the wonderful blogs out there. I’m amazed at the generosity of so many people willing to share their patterns and ideas with everyone, some even taking the time to do step by step tutorials which must take so much valuable time. Most of the ideas are budget friendly which makes them particularly attractive to our members with fixed incomes.  I’m slowly trying out some of the patterns found here and will post pictures as soon as a project is finished. I encourage you to send in your pictures and ideas for inspiration and to help keep the momentum going.

Our main focus at present will be on the Wanblee area of the reservation where we hope to help make a difference to the children of that community.

The name Wanblee,  means eagle in Lakota, and was chosen because of the area’s close proximity to Eagle Nest Butte, a mountain summit in Jackson County, SD.  The small community of Wanblee is located about 100 plus miles NE (map) of the village of  Pine Ridge which is the central district of the reservation and where the tribal government agencies are located. Because of it’s relative isolation from the center of the reservation, people in Wanblee don’t have access to the same resources as those living in the more central areas.  Many times donations from organizations will be taken to Pine Ridge to be distributed leaving little for those in the outlying communities. In order to receive resources (money or goods) from the tribe a trip into Pine Ridge is necessary. Sometimes many trips have to be made as was the case when our friends at the community center tried to get assistance for their Valentine’s Day party and found the officials “out of the office” on several occasions.

This Saturday, February 12 is the Valentine’s party which is being held in the newly refurbished community center. Due to the outstanding success of the Christmas party, Eleanor and crew expect many people to attend. There will be fun activities for the children in the afternoon with prizes (thanks in part to some members of this group), dinner, prayer services for those who’ve recently passed away, and finally an evening dance with the crowning of a Valentine King and Queen in each age category.  Since February is Heart month, activities will focus on ways to keep your heart healthy. Diabetes is rampant on the reservation, life expectancy for females is 52 years of age and males is 48.  Changing these statistics will require improvements in diet, exercise and access to better health care. Groups helping to sponsor the event are the Commodities Program which will talk about healthy food choices and provide recipes and local law enforcement which will talk about their various programs.  Music will be provided by a DJ from the local radio station KILI.  Stay tuned for details and pictures of the event in an upcoming blog.

In the meantime I’m heading back to the sewing machine to finish off one of the projects I’m working on. Not sure I’ll be doing this pattern again but will see!



6 thoughts on “About Wanblee

  1. Read thru some more the patterns on the site. Some good ideas there. I am working on an I Spy quilt, and that went together, had suggestions from my DIL who teaches Headstart here. Will try an Alphabet quilt next and will see how that goes.

  2. There are some cute ideas for Christmas gifts too and can be made with things we have in the house.
    I know you are going to zigzag the letters so am interested in the technique and the finished project.

  3. Plan to finish the alphabet quilt top tomorrow. goes pretty easy to zigzag on the letters, I mark them with chalk first. guess buying alphabet fabric would be quicker. beulahmae

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